The FLOW drinking bottle perfectly embodies our striving for sustainability. It is made of Tritan™, a premium transparent material that’s robust and long-lasting – and therefore sustainable too. FLOW is manufactured entirely in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy.

Smart material

Clear as glass but unbreakable, Tritan™ has the ideal qualities for a long-lasting drinking bottle. When we were looking for a perfect material for FLOW, we deliberately sought out one that is durable, robust, high-quality and free of any hazardous substances. Tritan™ is also completely dishwasher-safe, meaning that FLOW can be reused over and over again. That’s not just good for you but also for the environment. Because every time you reuse your FLOW drinking bottle, you’re saving a disposable bottle and reducing waste.

The lid

The handcrafted FLOW lid is made of beech sourced from local woodlands. This precious material is supplied to the long-established turnery in Thurgau by foresters and farmers from the region. Each lid is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process involving multiple stages of work.

Local production

The production and marketing of our FLOW drinking bottles only involves minimal transport distances, which reduces the bottles’ carbon footprint and makes them even better for the environment. Although we import the Tritan™ used to make FLOW from the USA, the material is already production-ready when it arrives in Grüningen, meaning it doesn’t need to be transported anywhere else for further processing, but only to our production site right round the corner. Our production processes ensure that FLOW drinking bottles travel the shortest possible distance and most eco-friendly route on their way to you.

Clean energy

Before you can recharge your energy from FLOW water bottles, energy is needed to make the bottles in the first place. But we don’t just use any kind of energy. FLOW drinking bottles are manufactured using energy exclusively from renewable sources. Our production plants are fully powered by hydroelectricity, while the machines used to finish the lids are powered by the turnery’s own solar collectors, which also supply the turnery’s neighbours with electricity. In addition, our new, energy-efficient machines use 30% less power, and we heat our production floors with waste heat from the machines, feed production waste into our internal material cycle and recycle surplus material for external production of products such as wastewater pipes.

Flowing with the future

We are deeply committed to sustainability and efficient use of resources, which includes making sure our company is as eco-friendly as possible. We monitor our sustainability potential using CO2 assessments, have an active partnership with the environmental organisation myclimate and support Swiss biomass growth projects. One example is a forest preserve in the Canton of Jura, which is being left uncultivated in order to restore the forest’s original biodiversity and allow it to become a natural woodland again. Just like the FLOW drinking bottle is intended to be simply a drinking bottle, nothing more.



Everything gets old. Even your FLOW drinking bottle. But if you want to keep it looking new, or if something breaks, you can buy replacement parts here:

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