The lid of the bottle is made in a Swiss turnery using locally sourced beech. Each lid is crafted with utmost care and has its own unique character, thanks to the individual grain of the wood.

The door to the turnery warehouse opens slowly, filling the air with the fragrance of wood. This is where the precious timber from the surrounding area is stored, waiting to be crafted into finished products. Local foresters and farmers provide the turnery with many different varieties of wood: apple, oak, plum – and of course beech, which is used to make the lid for the FLOW drinking bottle.

Sawing and drilling

The first stage of work in the workshop is to saw the long beech planks into small cubes. This is precision work: if the plank is crooked and uneven, that can’t be rectified later. The experienced wood turner measures the thickness and gives a satisfied nod. The saw buzzes, and little wooden cubes tumble down into a container. The lids are only rounded into a circular shape at the very end, since the square elements are easier to fix in place for the next stages of the process. After the saw comes the drill; each piece is hand-drilled to create the opening for the thread and seal.


The still-angular workpiece is now clamped back in the lathe. The wood turner lathes and sands each piece by hand, gradually rounding the cube into the characteristic shape of the FLOW lid. After that, the branding is laser-embossed onto the lid. Freshly emblazoned with the signature bulb FLOW logo, the lid is returned to the turnery, where it is carefully smoothed down to remove the burn marks around the logo and give the lid its pleasant, natural feel. After the lid passes quality control, the wood turner places it with the other pieces.

One of a kind

Around 800 bottle lids are made in this way. The turnery has been producing fine woodwork since 2000: everything from pepper mills to breadboards to creative bespoke pieces. To make a FLOW lid, the team needs around half a day. Firstly, the machines have to be calibrated, then the work gets started at each station: sawing, drilling, lathing, sanding. The team is well practised, the atmosphere intimate and familiar. The workers include two former apprentices and several part-timers. The company’s founder gives opportunities even to people who have had unconventional career paths. Every tree is unique, and so too is every lid. Depending on where it grew, the rings, grain and consistency of the wood will vary. And the same is true of the careers of the people working at the turnery.

No wastage

Nothing goes to waste in the turnery. All remnants and shavings are ground down and compressed into wooden pellets, which are used for heating. On top of that, all the machines are powered by the plant’s own solar collectors. This ingenious energy cycle is a perfect match for FLOW.



Everything gets old. Even your FLOW drinking bottle. But if you want to keep it looking new, or if something breaks, you can buy replacement parts here:

Innique AG, Hüferen 6
CH - 8627 Grüningen