Every aspect of the FLOW drinking bottle pairs premium quality with minimalist design. The attractively shaped bottle is made of long-lasting Tritan™ while the hand-lathed lid is made of untreated beech. A streamlined vessel for drinking with style.


Before we talk about the design of the FLOW drinking bottle, let’s briefly consider the word “design” itself. Derived from Latin, it refers to a process in which a designer conceives and develops a product, considering not just aesthetic factors but also the object’s intended purpose and how users will interact with it. It’s perfectly encapsulated by the principle of “form follows function”.


Our world has never been as fast-paced as it is today. From one day to the next, things that were cool and trendy can go out of fashion – and into landfill. So it was important for us to come up with a design for our FLOW drinking bottle that would outlive trends and resist hype. A design equipped to be a timeless style icon. With its streamlined, slightly tapered form and exciting mix of materials, FLOW looks good from every angle. And you’ll be able to enjoy it for a long, long time.


As we now know, good design takes account of both form and function. That includes the FLOW drinking bottle. In an age of distractions, complex gadgets and smartphone apps, we rarely have the chance to be alone with our thoughts, to centre ourselves. The absolute simplicity of FLOW allows a welcome break from the excess of our day-to-day lives, embodying a perfect balance of form and function. Simply drink. Simply refresh. Simply be.

The essentials

The fact that FLOW is designed to be nothing more than a drinking bottle gives it added appeal. There’s no app reminding you how much you should have drunk and still need to drink. It doesn’t try to double up as a tripod for photographing clouds (even though it could be used for that). Its function is pared down to the essentials: storing liquids, being absolutely leakproof, not breaking, inspiring you to take a break.



Everything gets old. Even your FLOW drinking bottle. But if you want to keep it looking new, or if something breaks, you can buy replacement parts here:

Innique AG, Hüferen 6
CH - 8627 Grüningen